Sunday, October 09, 2005

Thoda apne baare mein!

Since blogs need to have a personality of their own, here goes mine!

I am not an economist (never had a formal class of economics till date) but I apply lots of economics in my work and study.

I am not a techie but I did pass my way through my BE electronics and communication!

I am not an altruist but I do like to be good and do well, in fact, very well!

I never had a favourite teacher, till my boss turned out to be one!

I am not a nerd but have spent my moneyless days in Bangalore browsing in bookstores and reading miscellaneous stuff!

I am not a creative guy but my first job after engineering was as a copywriter in a creative team for an ad agency!

I am not an intoxicationist, don't believe in smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. But yeah, I did try smoking up! Did I not tell you I am a very curious person?

Am a Telugu but was only born in Andhra Pradesh; Am a "cultured Bengali" because of my 18 years in Kolkata; spent my 4 engineering years in Bangalore because I wanted to get out of home; worked in Delhi for more than two years because only an upstart think tank would offer an opportunity to me interested in economics and psychology!

Calvin-Hobbes and Dilbert are the best, the rest I don't believe!

I used to go half an hour late for exams because they wouldn't let me go later than that and, my knowledge would last me only 1.5 hours. After that imagination took over! Though now, I have my own edited and written book to my list of publications.

My first job as an engineer-in-the-making was software-related! This was a summer job and I was paid to survey software companies and cyber-cafes in Bangalore for a directory. Each software company surveyed would earn me Rs 10, and each cyber-cafe surveyed would earn me Rs 5. I did my math, and found that software companies were tough to survey and consumed way too much time. So I did all cyber-cafes and made good money, but my manager wanted surveys of software companies (who wants the address of a cyber -cafe?) and I was out of my job soon.

My next job was in Applied Microeconomics! Why does a street hawker put his wares the place where he is, and what could be the solution to the problem of street hawking in the cities of India? Tougher than any other problem I applied my mind to!

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