Monday, February 06, 2006

How do you stop a rape?

This was one of those times when a female colleague of mine, a beautiful lady and I went in search of a vehicle that plied on the borders of UP and Haryana. A vehicle that was apparently an indigenous invention, a combination of a bullock cart and a diesel motor-engine (called sth like lauri and a rural esoteric counterpart of the phatphatiya) but which was outlawed because of its pollution, and I guess because it didn't fit the rulebook's description. Nevertheless, the vehicle was hugely preferred by the people because in a place where you don't have any other transport, anything works! So we reached village A (the nearest civil place that I recall near it is the Badarpur border) and were told that the vehicle would be available about 2km away in village B.

However a treacherous stretch lay between us and the village B. As it was evening, the locals there advised us not to venture on that route for fear of being robbed. And by their looks I could understand that they were telling me not to venture on that route, especially with a pretty woman. Both of us were quite gung-ho about making this initial observational trip to village B and then returning by night to Delhi. Finally, we decided against it because we had nothing against the worst case that might befall us and especially her, a rape!

And the thought still strikes me! You are a "normal" guy out there on a date with your wife/sister/girlfriend. You are accosted by four thugs and there is nobody in sight. You can sense their intentions. You feel helpless and yet you wish you could rescue her. What would you do? When I asked my dad, he said "Nothing much to think about, you just have to fling yourself at them and hope for the best!" While I found that very sweet, it still troubled me. Is there nothing else that can be done, something smarter? I think I have a hint at one!

But then, what will you try to do? Any ideas?

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