Saturday, February 18, 2006

What if James Bond was your butler for finding women?

That was the rhetoric. The idea follows.

One of the favourite pastimes in hostels is this. You burn loads of music onto cds, and then listen and figure out the ones you like. Often you ask friends, some you happen to hear. But the point is that you fuzzily know what you like, but you have to undergo huge search costs to find out more of what you like. I gave it up in my search for music that I like till I returned back to it with this. I am immensely thankful for it!

This phenomenon is rampant through out our lives. We need information, specific and functional information, that gives us informed choices. For someone who swears "Google has more answers than God," I am lazy hence I find even Google too much hard work. I need sift engines more than search engines. I need online intelligent butlers. Am I asking too much? Not really!
When I want to go out out to the movies, rather than read reviews, I ask my sister-in-law. We all have an equivalent who is both an expert on movies and on expert on us. What we need to build is a digital sister-in-law.
Negroponte said that for software agents. Ignite your imagination for possibilities!

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