Thursday, March 23, 2006

Welcome Novino!

This is Naveen's cold-blooded gut!

Naveen is boring. If he is not analysing institutions, he is thinking of designing markets. Bah! Humbug! He needs a fresh lease of intellectual life. I, only I, can and will give it to him. For everything pro-market design, there may actually be stuff out there that is convincingly anti-market. I need to reach there. Before I get there, I need to shake off a little dust that has grown on me. Its been around four months in the blogosphere. I don't comment much around. I do sometimes look at the first few posts of an individual to get an idea of his/her character. My guess is the first few ones are more truthful and dil se. Later on, an oyster starts forming which can be terribly self-limiting. I need to de-reason myself to perceive reason afresh!

Novino will break Naveen's subconscious boundaries!

One of the brightest ways to break a boundary is to have a rule. If it sounds contradictory, trust me, it isn't. The rule is simple. Every time you are in a dilemma make a list of six options. Number them. Remember, the options should obey only one condition. You do not force or cause harm to anybody. One highly recommended criterion for designing options is outlandishness or what is "beyond your normal framework" of actions. That is it. Now roll a fair dice. Whichever number turns up, you do that! Chance is your God. Now you are the Dice Man.

As if my academic pressure was not enough, I wanted to have a hobby! So I listed six options. The chosen one turned out to be Artistic Female Nude Photography (AFNP). Don't ask me about the other ones. I don't even know how to do AFNP.

For that matter, Dice Man is a stupid book with a fantastic idea. Don't go by the reviews. On the same note, I think movie reviews are over-rated. They are a one-way intellectual street. They completely miss out on what the spectator brings with him to the screen. The idea-chemistry of the spectator and the movie is what creates magic. Great movies overwhelm you. Good movies involve you well. But stupid movies are what shake off your blinders. Stupidity is under-rated. We need more brilliant stupidity around us to make us feel human.
Naveen will be on a break. I will make sure he posts less often but regularly (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays). He is not around now.

So which is the most stupid thing I can do right now?
Maybe I should travel on a bus with this book, Diet Blood for a Fair and Lovely Complexion! Maybe I can recommend that to my models as well.


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