Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The world's most dangerous road!

Mountains have begun to fascinate me. It started with trying to plan a trip to Himachal Pradesh. Trying to find the best views of the Himalayas. Now I want to go all over them - Pakistan; Leh;Ladakh; China and of course, Indian sides. I guess I am just a wannabe mountaineer and a faithful armchair mountaineer. Some extreme adventures like wildlife ones dont make much sense to me. There is nothing good about being eaten by a tiger. But falling deep into a gorge has its undeniable thrill. For once you are sure of where you are going, in life!

Now I wanna know all about jet storms, crevasses, gorges, avalanches etc. So far I have gathered mountaineering tidbits that the Nanga Parbat and the K2 are the most dangerous mountains in the world. It is probably more gutsy to climb Nanga Parbat than Mt. Everest.

The Rohtang Pass that connects India to Tibet is one of the most dangerous passes in the world. Rohtang literally means "pile of dead bodies." That it is dangerous has helped cultivate a geographical-cultural divide between Hinduism (India) and Buddhism (Tibet).

And then I learnt about the most dangerous road in the world!

If you had to design a dangerous road how would you make it?

long. Obviously high. Obviously threatening drop on the sides. Obviously lots of turns. Obviously steep descent of the road itself. Obviously narrow. Well, the world's most dangerous road near La Paz in Bolivia is all that and more. It is named so for its high death rate. Now imagine mountain biking down it. Well, that is what Gravity Bolivia helps you with. Read more about it here.

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