Monday, October 10, 2005

Why Mercatus?

"MERCATUS" is the Latin word that is closest to the concept of markets. The word "mercantile" is derived from MERCATUS. And markets have been my fascination for quite some time. This I hope shall be my marketplace of ideas!

How and why markets? Well, that shall be brought about through the course of my writing!

By now writing a blog is passé, so why start now?

I think my previous choice of name for this blog will help shed light on that...Jekyll and Hyde!

There are parts of me struggling to write and communicate without being politically correct, and there are parts of me who just feel the sheer intensity of trying to find the truth and be politically correct! I shouldn't let my doctoral studies get into my bones! (So be prepared for the odd Hindi slang here!)

This would not be the place to delve in existentialism (though there will be smatterings of it!), more than that it is my fond belief, that the chemistry of ideas can revitalize our thinking processes, and bring more meaning into our life, and hopefully make it worth the while that you log onto the blog!

Only ideas produce that AHA! Effect...when you see familiar terrain through unfamiliar vision, it is then you know that you have got the insight!

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