Monday, November 28, 2005

The Full Monty!

You have three doors A, B and C in front of you. Only one of them has a good-looking date from the Presbyterians behind it. The other two doors have goats behind them. Your final choice of a door will let you have what lies behind it.

So you walk onto the stage and choose a particular door. But it is not opened yet! Apna host, Monty, in his swank style then opens a door (not the one that you have chosen and neither the one with the date) which has a goat behind it. And then comes the question from him...wait!

Read that preceding paragraph again to make sure it has sunk in.

Monty says "You have two choices. First, you stick to your original choice of door and have what lies behind it. Or. Second, you switch your choice and open the other door."

What is your option? Is it better to stay put with the original choice and what lies behind that door? Or should I switch? Mull over it:-)

Btw: Presbyterians is anagram for Britney Spears.

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