Friday, December 16, 2005

My five experiences in US!

1> "Radioshack Madam, would you have a webcam?" "
Oh we have that online, not in store. Register it and u will get it in four days!"

Saala, dilli ke gali gali mein webcam milta hain, aur tu yeha pe online ka bhav dikha rahi hai!

2> "I need a cornflakes!"

Do you want Kellog's or Bulldog"s?

"I just need a cornflakes!"

Do you want with strawberry flavoured crispy or vanilla flavoured milksy?

"I just want a breakfast cornflakes!"

Ah! I see! You want breakfast cornflakes. You should have mentioned that earlier. Now see here we have...


3> "Buddy! I am off to my friend's place to study and may be late in the evening!"

Okay! Don't forget to take your travel kit of neighbourhood maps; bus route maps; bus schedule; cellphone; taxi phone numbers; quarter coins, I card...tum saala log India se kya aaye yeha apne aap ko Indiana Jones samajhta hain, b****c***d?

4> "Acha buddy! I am curious at these two women staying in the next door flat! Kaun hai yeh, bata, bata!"

Do saal se saath dekh raha hu! Mujhe bhi pehle vahi lage lekin hai nahi! When I heard them discussing and arguing about alimony mujhe divorced ma and behen lage; when I heard them arguing about clothes mujhe laga sisters, (maternal bhi ho sakta hai, fraternal bhi...); when they were arguing about channels mujhe laga mother in law and daughter in law...

"Aage bol!"

Arey, I did ask them finally. They are just room-mates and are working and don't know much about each other except their names and their boyfriends' names!

5> "Yaar! Yeha pe log kitna kaam karte hain! Working; cleaning; cooking; laundry; looking for love; making future plans; being happy! Agar main Bangladesh, Bihar, and Mexico se inke liye labour lau tho unki bhi aish and inki bhi, and meri bhi!"

Don't you find yourself being independent by doing all this work apne aap?


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