Tuesday, February 21, 2006

It is the politics, stupid!

These are indignant first-cut thoughts, so do not expect profound insights!

Being independent in US is a myth. I am expected to do everything myself. This is supposed to make me more self-dependent. It has its short-sightedness. If I had labour to help me, I could make better use of the time saved. Well, mothers with cheap household help could actually achieve a lot more. Let me take labour further as an example. Everywhere you look around, atleast in the denser parts of US, there is a crying need for labour. Most prices are high because of a shortage of labour, and not all of it is skilled requirement. It is the same everywhere from doctors to drivers. Drivers! You could earn a very handsome sum of money just by being a safe truck-driver here and not taking any drugs. If ever I drop-out of phd, I will set up a company for truck-drivers. They are the darling of the supply-chain industry right now.

The US needs money for the pension and health needs of its aging population. Why doesn't the US allow YUTs (Young, Talented and Hungry) from Mexico or other places for a better quality of life for both, residents and immigrants? Taxes from immigrants will be a huge revenue for the US government. My bet is the immigrants would not mind it.

I put the same question to my Economics prof.

He had a point. It is a politically sensitive issue. US citizens wouldn't mind (there would not be a huge resentment, atleast!) for their country-men. But once a critical mass of immigrants build-up it might be difficult to control the resentment to pay taxes for a populace they are not related to. But wouldn't the tax-share of each immigrant fall, if there were more? Am I missing something?

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