Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Singapore's Sex Laws

From Wikipedia's entry on Singapore:

Male homosexual intercourse is illegal in Singapore. This has been the subject of much debate both inside and outside the country, and there is no legislative proposal to alter this. Under the Societies Act, the government has not allowed any gay rights group to form and openly address the issue. It has considered homosexuality to be taboo, claiming that the population is predominantly conservative. This has resulted in a number of alternative communities forming on the Internet, such as PLU (People Like Us), Sambal, Fridae, Red Queen, and others. Heterosexual oral sex and anal sex are also illegal in Singapore, unless performed as a precursor to vaginal intercourse.
[emphasis not in original]

Hmmm. So if a police officer happens to walk in on a straight couple engaged in a non-legislatively approved sex act, the couple can always respond, "Officer, we were just about to switch to missionary position!"

I had never heard about this "precursor" exception to Singapore's sodomy laws but it is clearly discriminatory. It is obviously next to impossible to prosecute straight couples under the law but gay couples unlucky enough to be busted have no legal defense.

Wikipedia has been wrong before, but assuming this is an accurate description of the law, I find this hilarious and pretty depressing at the same time.

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