Thursday, June 15, 2006

Collage of Thoughts

I havent spent much time with my father and mother as if they were a man and a lady separate from the fact that they happen to be my parents. Hmmm...

How do I know what I dont know that I dont know?

Learning to speak in a foreign accent is a bit akin to learning to shit like Hanu-Man with that odd freaking tail in an Indian loo.

Taste lies not in appeal but in craft.

The view from the top of Eiffel Tower looks like this. Multiply it by 30 times to get an idea of the height of Mount Everest.

Piranha like sperms.
Piranha-like sperms

Make sure your children watch a lot of cartoons. Eventually they will watch more cartoon than porn unless ...

I dont like this blogging. Today I wrote stuff in hyperlinks on my paper and spirited the defense of Shakespeare literature in SMS text.

I love sleeping nude. The only guy who saw me so was my Professor who walked into my room. He left college the next day. True! It was a tearful farewell.

I hate VS Naipaul's writing. I think he needs a lesson in causation and correlation like the incident above that could deceive.

How would it be if you found out that your mom was a drug-dealer?

Sometimes I think I hold my words more miserly than my 40 cent Big Blue Bus tokens.

The courage of the gallant soldier inspires me but it is the gutsy mountaineer that awes me.

Never hit a woman.

I slipped a straw into her wound and sipped up her blood.

How come breast milk hasnt found its way into any "mainstream" cuisine?

The secret of creating a successful shoddy product is to create a critical mass of "apparently satisfied" consumers. Such secrets lie behind the marketability of Death Metal, heh! and the motivation of Equality.

Two years back, maybe I would have laughed at a Buddhist monk for a hundred sensible reasons. Today I wont. Even though I dont have one even good reason not to.

There is something wrong with people having to work for 12 months a year.

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