Saturday, October 15, 2005

Ignorance of law is an excuse!

In the times to come and with the complexity of regulations doled out, "ignorance of law" may well be considerable. This is my first date with the US tax system. I can't help and wonder at the incentives of a tax organisation of a government.

1>More tax is good. This is an opinion shared by many who consider the act in a public domain and not the perpetrator of the act. Thomas Sowell asks the question: who is doing the act. You can have a lot of clarity on public issues by asking who is doing it. Simply put, it is not the what but the who that is important! Is is not that delivering education is not important but that who should deliver education will determine the crux of the issue. So more tax is good for government but may not necessarily be so for the populace.

2> More the complex rules of tax-determination, more the power that the tax dept has! Simply put each unit in the dept tries to nuance its tax regime. End result is sheer confusion for the tax-payers and profit for the lawyers. But then I think, even lawyers have to hire lawyers for this kind of tax regime!

3> With this kind of undesirable information glut, how can ignorance not be an excuse. That rule will have to and will change in the information-loaded times to come.

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