Sunday, February 26, 2006

A market for business and policy research on South Asia?

This is a thought from the top of my head based on my experience in India and discussions with a few business managers here in the US.

Firms would like to have a continuous stream of information about public policies and businesses in South Asia from a market perspective. Right now they can only have that based on a one-shot research assignment to a consultancy. There are other companies but they do it in bits and pieces. It seems there is space at the top for more firms because of the demand for more reliable and quality information designed for specific sectors. More importantly, information that helps decision-making in the light of different opportunities available!

On the same note, I must add that I am very disinclined to believe government data. Primarily, because of my own bad experiences with it in the course of my research with government agencies in India. When even companies like “The Firm” base their evaluation on government data, it only means that there is room for a company to offer more intensive and thoroughly researched data! Any thoughts?

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