Monday, October 17, 2005


Today I had a dose of what they call epiphany! A Gujarati businessman's sage advice is "look at what is happening in advanced markets, find the niches in underdeveloped markets and add value to those underdeveloped markets by transplanting and customising those practices"!

That brings Mercatus to a focus, this blog will more and more start focusing on three strands of thought:

1> Market based ideas and practices in education! This will be mostly link-based and 2 pence of my thought!

2> Ideas and insights from seminal research papers (especially economics). This will be challenging! The idea is to ask that most irritating of questions to a researcher "tho kaun sa phad khod liya?" or SO WHAT? to the paper I dissect and churn of what is value (in one sentence) to a layman and then to an academician. I would probably start with Nobel works in Econ, or my graduate school framework of papers!

3> Little tidbits of my life!

The first is because that is where I want to be; the second because that is where I am; and the third, because it happens to be along the way!

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