Monday, October 24, 2005

When laziness is rewarding!

For quite some time whenever I wanted to copy content from websites, I would copy the particular selection of the content, paste it on a word document, next, copy the URL of the site and then paste it on the document, and if I had further enthusiasm left, copy the title of the document as well. Phew! Hard work!

And when I started on this new project which requires me to do quite a lot of that work, I decided to turn lazy! I asked my colleague from Harvard school, "You must know of a smart way to get his done than this dumb way of copying everything everytime!" Well, he didn't know anything to that tune!

So I started Googling (Google has more answers than God, as I always say!) around and chanced upon this cool feature on Firefox that allows you to copy the URL, the selected content, and the title of the document, voila! all in one click to a word document.

Check out Copy URL Plus and binge on laziness!

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