Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Free speech and free riders

I am a famous business man but am secretly gay. Secret because I and (and my company's employees) stand to lose substantial business from conservative folks if my status is known. Unfortunately, a blogger Free Speecher gets to know of it and puts it on his blog. Soon my clients know of it. Is free speech still justifiable?

Company "Bottleri" sells water. A blogger interviews the company's employees and in a case of malicious representation of facts, writes about the lack of care while processing the water. Soon it is linked and wildfire! The company establishes its credibility after standard investigations by third party agencies. Should the company file a lawsuit to claim damages from the blogger's act of free speech? What about loss of reputation? How do you compensate that?

I am an employee of Inhale Tobacco Corporation and am paid well! But on the net and in the blogworld I am an anonymous and topnotch anti-tobacco campaigner, and spread online movements and messages against tobacco! Matters come to light...would it be discriminatory for the company to dismiss me for "free speech"?

When does "free speech" become a "free rider" sans responsibilities?

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