Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Mark my words!

Mercatus actually started as a workbook of my academic thoughts and a subconscious motive of generating a focus for policy analysis principles, often on India. If you have been following this blog continuously, you must pat yourself on the back for having the stamina to digest my modest analytical thoughts. Believe me, it is not common, especially so on the policy front. Notice that Mercatus has eschewed explicit popularity for I have fears of catering to a "popular" audience. Mercatus is a niche audience blog and prefers to be part of the long tail rather then indulge in the numbers game. In fact, more than content, the intention to connect to people interested in policy analysis has kept me going inspite of a busy academic schedule. I have been surprised at the mail response and I will be more than happy to hear from you if you are interested in policy research/analysis/management and need leads!

As part of an effort to cater to the same standards and have more diversity of ideation, I am glad to have my good friend Mark Miller agree to occasionally blog his thoughts on Mercatus. Mark complements me with his rich knowledge of economic history and development, has worked in India and well, (forgive me, Mark) can flirt in Hindi with any Indian beauty:-). If you are looking for credibility, yes, he is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Economics at University of California - Berkeley.

We have no great pretense to change the world with this blog. The modest intention is to have fun while you equip yourself with the intellectual capital to change the world. Welcome Mark!

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